Vitalise Non-Slip Comfortable Work Slip On Shoe

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Work long hours on your feet? Suffer with plantar fasciitis, flat feet or high arches? In pain at the end of a shift? Don't accept this as part of your job. Make your working day easier and pain-free, reduce and prevent problems by choosing the Vitalise range of non slip comfortable work shoes. 

  • UltraGrip Non-Slip Soles - our very own tread pattern and compound is designed and tested to keep you safe at work. 
  • Energy-absorbing Midsole - the midsole is made up of 1000's of tiny air bubbles. These are compressed to provide cushioning, shock absorption and evenly distribute pressure. 
  • Eliminates rubbing  - the smooth lining has been engineered so there are no overlapping seams causing friction and discomfort resulting in more comfortable work shoes. 
  • Breathable  - air flow through the shoe helps to keep your feet a healthy climate 
  • Eliminate the build-up of plantar pressure - we've raised the heel of our midsole which helps spread the load throughout the whole foot, this also improves your standing posture, reducing lower back pain. 
  • Lightweight yet durable - Science has shown that only a few grams of weight can make a big difference to minimising the stress and strain on your muscles in your feet and legs throughout the day. 



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