A HSE approved non-slip patented outsole carefully designed and developed to keep you and your staff safe on their feet.



HSE approved non-slip shoes that are built to last


We've put heaps of effort into making sure you're comfortable on your feet all day but we're just as passionate about safety too.

Partnership with HSE

We've been awarded HSE's top non-slip rating - the 5 star giving us the best non slip shoes in the UK.

It's a test that closely represents the real situations and hazards that you come across when you're working on your feet all day.

You can read more about the HSL Slip Rating Scheme here >

Work with Avon Tyres

It's obvious that tyres that you use on your car has got to grip to the road to keep you safe.

Teaming up with Avon Tyres increases our understanding of rubber, and how it can be manufactured to optimise its performance in the different environments that our shoes are used.

Partnership with Rob Shaw

Rob is the lead for workplace falls prevention for the International Ergonomics Association Slips, Trips, and Falls Technical Committee, and has over a 15 years’ experience in developing and delivering bespoke training which has resulted in invitations to speak internationally on falls prevention.

We work with him to continually improve our non-slip outsole.

What makes our patented slip resistance unique?

1. Different depths within the tread pattern provide resistance to sliding on different surfaces and in different situations.

2. The heel strike at the back of the shoe is angled at 7 degrees meaning that as wearers put their foot down, slip resistance is introduced instantly at the first point of contact.


What do the wearers think?

We know nothing as good as hearing how it does in real life so we asked our wearers for some feedback on our patented UltraGrip non slip soles, check out what they thought below >


said that grip performed met or exceeded their expectations


predicted the non slip sole had a longer wear time than initially expected


of wearers expect them to last 9-21 months


predicted a longer wear time than their previous shoes