Here at WearerTech, we're committed to focusing on developing long standing relationships with both people and planet. We're on a mission to change workplace wellbeing by working with companies to see the value in can bring to your staff and company alike. At every step of the journey, we ensure that we engage in and maintain environmentally responsible processes. This is our latest step on this journey; Our Sustainability Loop...

We're speaking to companies who don't know what to do with shoes when they come to their end of their working life. That's why they partner with us where we offer a scheme where we'll reuse or recycle WearerTech shoes as a FREE service to look after you and look after the planet.

The Problem

Over 300M pairs of shoes are thrown out a year in the UK

Shoes can take 30-40 years to decompose in landfill

Our Solution

Recycling shoes isn't actually a straightforward process due to the various components and materials can be used in the design of the shoe can make it a little more complicated.

Our recycling scheme uses an unique process which breaks down the material, separates them and then grounds them down into very fine particles ready to be used again.

We accept WearerTech shoes whatever their condition as part of our recycling scheme.

68% of the shoes sent back to us are reused for people in need

30% are ground down and made into new products

Less than 1% of all the material is sent for processing to energy from waste = ZERO WASTE

One day, your shoes might come back as...



Or even a child's play area...

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We'll work together to find the best way of maximising sustainability for you or your company. Let's do our bit in saving the planet together.